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Change is the only constant in today’s business world. People come and go. Rules and processes are in constant flux. Working environments and business landscapes continually evolve. The critical factor is how employees and leaders react to these changes. At Kerry Slattery Consulting we can help you and your team use the change to become more agile; actively learn and grow; and create an environment where everyone feels empowered to speak up, resolve differences, and work together to achieve common goals. 

Kind words

“I approached Kerry in an effort to better understand my company's team performance as we grew rapidly and expanded into new territory. She was extremely pro-active, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to help us determine the best way to assess our team performance and establish a constructive dialogue around what was working and where we could improve.”

— Mike Fitzgibbons, CEO, Calaritas Rx

Principal Consultant


Kerry lives and breathes Organizational Development. The latest OD books are scattered across her desk. Her bookshelves bulge with over a hundred more. Her quarterly book group discusses only OD-related publications. And when a powerful, new OD strategy emerges, she immediately starts pondering how it might apply to your needs. 


Much of her passion can be traced to her background. As an undergraduate at a small liberal arts college she was impressed at how her professors fostered critical thinking and used provocative questions to create the context for conversations in intensive seminar programs. As an intercollegiate athlete she realized that many of the skills critical to her success – collaboration, communication, and understanding of goals – also helped people succeed in business. And as a graduate student at the University of San Francisco she put all of these concepts together while achieving her Masters in Organizational Development at the University of San Francisco.

Over the last 20 years Kerry has built her career as both a manager and a consultant. The strength of her solutions often stems from the fact that she has actually worked as a senior leader. She has managed teams and led internal change initiatives. She knows, first hand, how hard it is to deliver effective performance reviews, facilitate succession planning, and conduct a successful offsite meeting. And she’s created solutions for all of these challenges. 

Kind words

“Kerry is a "go to" and trusted partner for team facilitation activities. She has worked with our team to develop multiple offsite events including work in the areas of team effectiveness and mission/goal setting. Her theoretical knowledge is vast and deep. She is able to translate theory into engaging, practical activities and customizes each agenda based on her thorough analysis of my needs.”  

Nova Antaramian, Genentech



We begin by asking focused questions  so we understand your business needs.

“What are you trying to achieve?” 

“What have you been asked to do?” 

“What challenges are you facing?”


Depending on the results of the analysis phase, we assemble a team of experts—instructional designers, graphic artists, web designers, writers, media producers– with the specific skill required to produce a superior product.


This is where our experience shines. Using an agile approach we draw on our   experience and theoretical understanding and develop solutions specifically designed to address the situation. 


Whether the implementation process involves facilitating an offsite meeting, training internal managers to conduct effective coaching conversations, or overseeing the production of a global online course, Kerry and her colleagues have the experience and expertise to ensure that the end product achieves its stated goals.


In the ideal project we transfer the expertise to in-house staff so they make the new processes part of their day-to-day operations. 


“Kerry is a valued collaborator and excellent facilitator with a wealth of organizational tools that I continue to rely on and get value from. Not only does Kerry provide great  recommendations and counsel, she is also a true pleasure to work with. I've brought Kerry in to work with me in two different companies and each time she has impressed not only me but my colleagues that she works with.”

— Pam Baker, CEO Journeous


Organization Development


Today’s high performing organizations are Agile and these organizations need leaders and teams that follow current practice from the field of organization development such as identifying and evolving culture, managing change and team effectiveness. 

Let us support your change efforts with proven practices and techniques that enable teams to learn and thrive through change.



A thoughtfully-planned and well-facilitated meeting can change a team’s health and trajectory. Moving from confusion to clarity, overwhelm to order and conflict to understanding are just a few of the shifts that can be achieved in a well-designed meeting. 

We use communication models, team development assessments and visual facilitation tools to engage team members in meaningful conversations that engage and inspire.

Instructional Design


Today’s HR organizations can curate excellent team and leadership development content from the Internet. TED Talks, Harvard Business Review, are just a few of the places leaders can source excellent content for little or no budget. 

However, when organizations want to enable focused organization-wide change a well-designed learning solution can better support strategic change.


Work Samples

Case Study #1

Biopharmaceutical Analytics Start-Up - Program Development and Facilitation 

The Challenge

A data analytics start-up organization wanted to implement people practices that support improved employee and manager communication and career development.

The Solution

We assembled a cross-functional team of employees, and then facilitated a kick-off meeting, helping them to establish team goals and practices. After the project team was set, Kerry facilitated the research and development of people practices aligned with the company culture and rooted in HR best practices. The new processes include manager and employee one-on-one meetings, development check-ins, and recognition practices. New practices were rolled out using effective change management practices and quarterly pulse checks to ensure engagement and ongoing improvement. 

Case Study #2

Global New Hire Orientation – Instructional Design

The Challenge

A major multinational corporation assembling a global portfolio of high tech startups into its corporate culture is struggling to retain engineering talent and innovation after the integration process.

The Solution

As the lead Instructional Designer Kerry created a 1-day orientation program designed to energize participants, introduce them to the opportunities of working for a global organization, and build a sense of shared purpose.  

The process began in conjunction with an internal working group assembled from business units scattered around the globe, many of whom had their own established new hire orientation process. Through focused questioning and discussions, 

Kerry was able to achieve consensus among the disparate group on the program’s objectives, the course design, and an implementation strategy.

In collaboration with a multi-dimensional team of writers, designers, and videographers Kerry created all of the program elements required to implement the program in the Americas. The existing materials are now being refined and adapted for Europe and the Middle East. 

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