Consulting Process


I start by asking focused questions so I understand your business needs. 

“What are you trying to achieve?” 

“What challenges are you facing?”

"What have you already tried?"


Depending on the results of the analysis phase, I may assemble a team of experts—instructional designers, graphic artists, web designers, writers, media producers– with the specific skill required to produce a superior product.


Using an agile approach I draw on our   experience and theoretical understanding and develop solutions specifically designed to address the situation.  


Whether the implementation process involves facilitating an offsite meeting, training internal managers to conduct effective coaching conversations, or overseeing the production of a global online course, I have the experience and expertise to ensure that the end product achieves its stated goals.


In many projects, I transfer the expertise to in-house staff so they make the new processes part of their day-to-day operations. 

“I approached Kerry in an effort to better understand my company's team performance as we grew rapidly and expanded into new territory. She was extremely pro-active, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to help us determine the best way to assess our team performance and establish a constructive dialogue around what was working and where we could improve.”

— Mike Fitzgibbons, CEO, Claritas Rx